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As an athlete for the majority of my life, I have tired every supplement out there (legal ones anyways) to enhance my performance and recovery. 

The most common issue I found with myself and among the 1000+ clients I have worked with, is DEHYDRATION! 

In today’s fast paced society dehydration is running rampant. Where water and electrolytes should be consumed, they are being replaced with sugary caffeinated drinks. This trend, coupled with poor sleep quality and nutrient deficient foods…no wonder our bodies struggle to operate optimally!

Just 2% dehydration can lead to a drop in performance of 10%! This is not only in the gym but at work! 

Dehydration also plays a critical role in one’s mood. It’s my firm belief that proper hydration and nutrition has the potential to improve 90+ percent of mood related ailments such as chronic drowsiness, anxiety, and depression. 


There was never a high quality affordable product that I could find in stores/online with the right ingredients, that was properly dosed, that was free of harmful chemicals and that tasted good enough to regularly consume...until now.

The Amino Hydrate+ formula was curated by myself after years of testing & mixing my own ingredients to make the perfect intra workout supplement - 

I designed Amino hydrate+ based on scientific studies and what I had discovered in my own trials  to support the human body in the most meaningful way a hydration drink can. 

Whether I am training in the gym, practicing on the field, or just going through my daily tasks, the Amino Hydrate+ formula works! I feel energized, strong, mentally clear, and experience lower levels of stress. 


The amino acid complex is a proprietary formula based on a study conducted over 25 years ago that found the amino acids in this particular ratio were utilized head and shoulders above any other source of protein out there - it resulted in a 99% NNU (net nitrogen utilization) the next highest source isn’t even 50%! 

It was a breakthrough and now available to you in this product combined with a proper dose of electrolytes. 


The specific amounts of electrolytes in Amino Hydrate+ was chosen based on several evidence based factors AND the average human diet. Higher levels of potassium were included because the average person’s intake is generally low relative to sodium and because potassium is actually fantastic for training. 

Potassium is fantastic for training because it plays a role in the bodies re-uptake of dopamine - essentially it can inhibit the breakdown of dopamine resulting in higher levels* (What is dopamine? It is a neural transmitter which is responsible for your “desire to achieve a goal” - Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain that makes you feel good. Having the right amount of dopamine is important both for your body and your brain. Dopamine helps nerve cells to send messages to each other.) (motivation, pursuit, desire)

Simply put, Amino hydrate+ allows one to train harder, longer in the gym or on the field. This can also help with one’s mood, attitude toward work, and every day life.


Amino Hydrate+ is the ultimate hydration supplement for daily consumption. It is designed with everyone in mind. From the elite athlete to the elderly - any one can benefit from Amino Hydrate+. 

Fun fact! Amino Hydrate+ can be taken safely 5+ scoops daily. Meaning you’ll never have to drink plain water again if you don’t want to!

Simply add this great tasting product to your water and you’ll be improving your body’s survival.

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